Toric II Lenses

TECNIS SynergyTM Toric II OptiBlueTM IOL with TECNIS SimplicityTM Delivery System DFW100, DFW150, DFW225, DFW300 and DFW375

1-Piece toric aspheric lens with ProTec edge design1

  • Toric aspheric anterior surface1
  • Available in 7 cylinder powers1
  • The aspheric anterior surface of the lens corrects spherical aberration to essentially zero1

Engineered for rotational stability

New squared and frosted haptic design provides resistance to rotation2

  • Insertion with: TECNIS SimplicityTM Delivery System
  • Range available: From 5.0 D to 34.0 D in 0.5 D increments
  • Lens diameter/overall length: 6.0/13.0 mm
  • Edge design: ProTec frosted continuous 360° posterior square edge
  • Material: Soft foldable hydrophobic acrylic with
    a covalently bound UV absorber
  • A-Constant optical/ultrasound3: 119.3*/118.8Ɨ
  • Theoretical anterior chamber depth (ACD) (optical/ultrasound): 5.7/5.4 mm
  • Refractive index: 1.47 at 35°C
  • Haptics: Hydrophobic acrylic
  • Haptic design: Haptics offset from optic, Tri-Fix design
  • Cylinder/Addition: Range of cylinder powers: Range of cylinder powers: +1.0 D, +1.5 D, +2.25 D, +3.0 D, +3.75 D

*Value theoretically derived for a typical 20.00 D lens. Johnson & Johnson Vision recommends that surgeons personalize their A-constant based on their surgical techniques and equipment, experience with the lens model and postoperative results.

†Derived from clinical evaluation results of the TECNISTM 1-Piece Platform. 

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