Lens Delivery Systems

TECNIS simplicityTM delivery system


  • Fully disposable
  • Enhanced ergonomics1
  • Preloaded with select TECNISTM 1-Piece IOLs
  • Full diopter range (5.0 D – 34.0 D)2
  • 2.2–2.4 mm incision size
  • 3-step process with twist delivery2


  • Smooth and controlled IOL delivery2
  • Minimized risk of contamination2
  • Flexibility to use Balanced Salt Solution or OVD2
  • Minimizes loading errors1
  • Acrylic lenses:
  • TECNISTM 1-Piece IOL DCB00
  • TECNISTM OptiBlueTM 1-Piece IOL DCB00V
  • TECNIS EyhanceTM IOL DIB00
  • TECNIS SynergyTM OptiBlueTM IOL DFR00V
  • TECNIS SynergyTM Toric II OptiBlueTM IOL DFW100-375


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